Keep A Roof Over Your Family With Single Parent Rent Assistance

Providing your family with the basics is really non negotiable. There are certain things we all need to be safe and healthy, including food and a safe place to live. Paying rent month after month is not always easy, especially for single moms and dads who might already be struggling with unemployment or under employment. It is for families like these that single parent rent assistance programs exist.

Single Parent Rent Assistance

An outstanding resource for low income families is the United States Department of Urban Development. HUD provides assistance to families in need by making rental homes available at need based rental rates. These properties have been inspected and have been determined to be structurally sound, setting aside concerns regarding slum lords in low rent districts. This program gives you the opportunity to keep your household in a safe, well cared for home at a rent you can afford. To learn more, visit portal.hud.gov. Men and women dealing with the expense of divorce or spousal death can turn to this program for immediate assistance.

With the welfare of single parent families and the development of rural areas in mind, the United States Rural Development Association offers a program that subsidizes property owners in specific rural districts for purchasing and maintaining rental homes. In addition, they step in and help families meet the necessary rental payments with the idea in mind that the renters will keep up their home and surrounding property. This is a great option for single mothers and fathers of young and teenage children to secure quality housing. Additional information about the service is available at rurdev.usda.gov.

At rentassistance.us, you will not find loans and grants to help you and your family pay your rent. You will find a directory of thoroughly vetted options for rent assistance. You can fill out an application here that will go to a wide range of appropriate services designed o help lone parents, unemployed individuals, and those in danger of becoming homeless.

Structured specifically for single mothers, The Bridge of Hope is an organization that runs almost entirely on charitable donations and volunteers. The Bridge of Hope offers emergency assistance to those in need by working with area religious and community groups to match the parent up with the kind of assistance she needs. One of their goals is to help single mothers and their children find permanent housing. For more information, you can visit their website at bridgeofhopeinc.org.

Another nationally renowned organization committed to helping families is the Salvation Army. You will find Salvation Army locations all over the country, and they will help you find temporary and permanent housing for your family. Thanks to their active campaigns for charitable donations, they have the funds to be able to offer you monetary rent assistance when needed.

In your search for assistance, you should be certain to look at local resources as well. Each city and municipal area will have their own organizations committed to helping at risk families secure housing. In Sonoma, California, the Community Action Partnership sponsors a residential facility to house single mothers and fathers along with their families when they find they have nowhere else to go. They will also help you find ways to control your debt and make the payments necessary to achieve a satisfactory rental property. To learn more, you must visit singlemom.com/2011/community-action-partnership-sonoma-county-ca-programs.

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Financial Assistance for Single Mothers

By Freeha Baig
Life for single mothers is always difficult to begin with. Single mothers have a heavy burden of not only raising their child diligently but also to provide for the child financially. Being a single parent is an absolute worse case scenario in these times of the recession.

Obama's Stimulus Package Offers Free Scholarships and Grants For Single Mothers - Go Back to School

By Maddison Mckenzzie
Attention single mothers! If money worries have kept you from getting a college degree, the Obama administration has come to your relief. President Obama has literally opened the funding doors of congress and channeled money to bring financial relief to working or stay at home mothers who want to a college education, but find it impossible because of the demands of having children.

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