Single Parent Job Assistance Programs Give You The Tools You Need To Find Gainful Employment

A parent who has recently become single due to divorce or spousal death may have to find a way to support their family more readily than their current job will allow. Perhaps a new mother or father has a part time job but now needs to work full time, or maybe he or she has been a stay at home parent until now and must return to the work force. This is not necessarily an easy task in today's job market. Single parent job assistance is available to individuals who need a little added support in getting ahead.

Single Parent Job Assistance

One non profit organization, ParentJobNet.org, is specifically set up to help single parents in finding and maintaining gainful employment. This is a New York based organization that works with the public school system to provide job training, skill building exercises, help with resume writing, and coaching in the art of the interview. You can find information about this organization and the services they offer at their website. The goal is to keep low income families from sinking even deeper into poverty.

Dress for Success is another non profit organization that understands how hard it can be to re enter the workforce after having worked part time or after having been unemployed. They offer suits, obtained through charitable drives and donations, to women who cannot otherwise afford to purchase the proper interview attire. This can be quite valuable to a woman who is currently homeless, or a survivor of domestic violence who left with nothing but the clothes on her back. To learn more about the program, you can visit dressforsuccess.org.

The Walmart Corporation has made great strides in helping single moms and dads, as well as other individuals in need, find and maintain gainful employment. Partnering with Goodwill Industries, Walmart has started the program, Beyond Jobs. This program currently exists in New York City, Detroit, Atlanta, Boston, and Los Angeles, and is growing and stretching further about the country. Beyond Jobs gives men and women instruction in writing a resume and interviewing, as well as how to maintain employment once you have found it. They offer job training and job placement. You can find out more by visiting walmartstores.com.

The state of California is home to “H.I.R.E. Resources,” which is available to men and women in California who are seeking employment and desire assistance and support. This is a state funded program that offers resume writing assistance, job training, and an annual job fair. Single parents of young and teenage children can utilize the services offered here to gain the income needed to cover your current debt and help manage daily household expenses. Additional information about the services can be found at hirenetwork.org.

Texas citizens dealing with employment issues can access services through the Texas Workforce Commission. This program was set up because the state department identified a causal relationship between families with lone parents and poverty. This program provides the kinds of services necessary to help these moms and dads find gainful employment to support their families. Working parents are able to meet their financial obligations and keep their children safe and healthy. To learn more, you can visit oag.state.tx.us.

If you are unsure where to begin to find the services you need, you can turn to resources that have been created to match individuals in need of services with the programs that would fit them best. You can find these services at spaoa.org. Here you will find the Single Parents Alliance of America. This is an organization dedicated to helping families of single parents.

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Looking For And Qualifying To Single Parent Grants

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Financial Help For Low Income Single Moms

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President Obama's Moms to Return to College Grant Program - How it Works

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