Single Parent Home Grants Provide Hope In The Form Of Housing

A divorce or a spousal death is absolutely devastating. What makes the situation worse is that often the mourning and loss is exacerbated by the fact that you must find a new job, home, and so on without the resources to do so. Single parent home grants can help single mothers and fathers find affordable housing and get a mortgage they might not otherwise be able to achieve. These programs are available through a variety of services, some government funded and some sponsored by private organizations.

Single Parent Home Grants

The American Dream Down Payment Program, or ADDI, is another government funded program designed to help men and women find and purchase homes. Even working parents risk the fate of becoming homeless simply because they lack the necessary closing costs that are due upfront. ADDI handles these costs, and this program inspects any house being sold under the ADDI umbrella, so you are guaranteed a home that is structurally sound. This is one of the many services available through HUD, and can be found at hud.gov.

The Home Purchase Assistant Program, also known as HPAP, is available to single moms and dads, as well as other families dealing with debt, low income issues, and so on. Available through the Department of Housing and Urban Development, HPAP offers home loans at low interest, along with financial assistance, to low and medium income families. You can find out if you are eligible for grant money or for a low interest loan when you visit dhcd.dc.gov.

The American Dream Down Payment program is ideal for parents of young and teenage children, but is also an excellent grant program for any first time buyer. The American Dream Down Payment Inititative, or ADDI, covers closing costs and the down payment, making it possible for men and women to purchase a home even when they are having issues with a lack of savings. Many potential home buyers could achieve a mortgage if they did not need to have money upfront. The ADDI is available to make these funds available.

Habitat for Humanity is an organization that is committed to putting an end to urban blight. Through hard work performed primarily by volunteers, they work to restore homes for owners who cannot afford to do the work themselves. They also restore empty homes and provide assistance to working and unemployed men and women who are willing to partner with the organization and who are able to repay an interest only loan to purchase the house. By offering grants and sweat equity, Habitat for Humanity is able to help a family and a neighborhood with each transaction. For more information, you can visit habitat.org.

Lone parents, survivors of domestic violence, and struggling mothers and fathers trying to keep a household together and safe can all benefit from the Federal Housing Voucher program. This is a government funded program that is monitored on a state level, offering monetary grants to families in need for the purchase of a home, rental payments, or even needed home improvements. Additional information is available at hud.gov.

The Federal Department of Housing And Urban Development, or HUD, offers a wide range of home grants for families dealing with a variety of issues. A single application will help them match you to the appropriate assistance program. You can find that application at grants.gov.

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Looking For And Qualifying To Single Parent Grants

By Amie Haskett
Everybody knows that it can be difficult living in a single parent household. Compared to two-parent families, there are more challenges that they face, especially with regard to finances. It is not unusual to find single parents who receive no help from the other one in providing for themselves and their children, perhaps because the other parent has passed away or has abandoned them.

Financial Help For Low Income Single Moms

By Maria T. Miller
There are many sources of financial help for low income single moms, starting with charities and church groups in communities across the country. Women who find themselves in need while supporting their children can find a helping hand up as they work to find solutions for their families.

President Obama's Moms to Return to College Grant Program - How it Works

By Kelly Thompsan
If you are a single mom, you may be eligible for college funding through the President Obama's stimulus package grant that allows mom's to go back to school. Have you heard about this stimulus package? Did you know part of this package is designed to help single mother's go back to school? Here's a quick summary of how it works.

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