Single Parent Car Grants Take The Crisis Out Of Needing A Car

Single Parent Car Grants

Next to shelter, food, and utilities, a dependable automobile is of paramount importance for most families. As a single parent, if your car will not run or is too expensive to be fixed, you may be faced with a tremendous crisis if you are not prepared to pay for a new one. However, single parent car grants are available that can help you get a dependable automobile without too much strain on your budget.

Low income families are potentially eligible to receive a donated car from a charity organization. One example of this is the TANF program, which stands for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. They offer relief to struggling single mother or father families in many different forms, including with the donation of a car. Cars are donated by individuals for a tax deduction; TANF professionals fix the car and make it safe to drive and offer it to a family in need of transportation. You can learn more about the TANF program at acf.hhs.gov.

You might be eligible for a brand new vehicle for free form cargrants.org. There is an application at this site, where your eligibility will be determined by your family income and your need. In other words, a single parent who must get to work, 20 miles away, each day, will be considered eligible, while a single student who lives next to the subway might not be.

You can apply for a variety of different grants at once, all available through the federal government in just one easy application. Grant monies are available for a variety of reasons, including going back to school, buying a house, or purchasing a car. If you are a single parent living with a low or medium income, you may be eligible for a car grant to help you get the transportation you need to get to work and school and to get your kids where they need to go. You can apply at goforgrants.com.

At grantshost.com, you can peruse the many opportunities available for single parents like yourself to tap into the ample amount of grant money available to you. Car grants are not uncommon, given that having reliable transportation is of paramount importance when raising a family. Once you visit the site, you can fill out a single application that will be submitted to a wide range of grant suppliers, increasing your chances of being awarded the system.

Non profit and government organizations are not the only resources for car grant monies. Finance companies such as Community Auto Credit offers fair, reasonable deals to individuals with less than perfect credit, or single parents who lack the family income to back a traditional car loan. At communityautocredit.com. you will be able to purchase a car for a low down payment and an affordable monthly payment.

Another great resource for finding the grant money you need to purchase your new or used car is grantsdepot.com. This site offers the ability to fill out a single application that will help you find the monies you need. A single parent must have a car to get to work and school and to get your children where they need to go as well. Here you will find the first step in getting the money you need to purchase that automobile.

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