Single Moms And Dads Can Get Ahead Thanks To Single Parent Assistance Programs

Being a single mom or dad in any economy is difficult, but today there are particular challenges because the economy is set up to align with dual income homes. Many of the general household expenses remain the same, even if that second adult is not there. This is why there are single parent assistance programs designed to help these mothers and fathers work within their budgets, while still providing housing, cars, medical care, food, and utilities for their families.

Single Parent Assistance Programs

Single parent home loans and grants, and rent assistance, are provided through government agencies and private non profit institutions to help single moms and dads provide their families with a safe place to live. Many of these programs are set up to prevent families from becoming homeless, paying closing costs and down payments on mortgages or paying all or part of the monthly rent.

Of course, getting a job that will cover necessary expenses is the first step, and there is a variety of services available to help you make this happen. Single parent scholarships and grants can give you the opportunity to further your education or get the training you need to start a new rewarding career. Single parent job assistance programs can help you get your foot in the door, as well as helping your write your resume, hone your interview skills, and even help you find the clothing you need for a successful interview. Once you find a job, there are single parent child care assistance programs that will make it possible for you to keep your job.

In fact, it is not necessary that you settle for just a job, when you have higher aspirations. Single parent small business grants and loans provide monies to single men and women with great ideas for building a new business. Often this financing is based more upon the feasibility of your business plan than it does on your credit report or capital. If you take the time to think about the potential results of utilizing available resources for education, finding a job, and building a career, you will be able to visualize yourself beginning to manage your debt and working through the issues caused by a spousal death or divorce.

A lone parent will find it even more difficult to get by if riddled with child support issues or recovery from domestic violence. These are issues that often require legal assistance, which is not cheap. However, there are legal groups that provide family and individual legal assistance at no cost or at a nominal price. This means a low income household, or one with an unemployed or underemployed parent, can receive the same legal representation and protection as one who is far wealthier.

These services and more are available on an ongoing basis, or in case of emergency, for single parents, young and old. Teenage parents, divorced parents of older children, and everyone in between can find the kinds of services and resources (resale shops, counseling, etc) they need to make more of their situations.

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Single Parent Government Grants Examined

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The fact is that there is a huge variety of government grants that have become available over the years and most people don't even know about them, let alone how to qualify for them. Of them all, perhaps the most overlooked and least applied for, are the grants for single parents. These aid packages are broken down into several sub-groups.

The Struggles of Being Single Parents

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